Forming Lake Management Planning Technical Teams

The Winnebago Waterways Program (in partnership with Calumet, Winnebago, Fond du Lac, and Waushara Counties) is working to develop a Lake Management Plan for the Winnebago Lakes.

The goal of the Lake Management Planning project is to coordinate, communicate, and partner with area stakeholders and watershed residents to develop a framework for cooperation throughout the region to improve upon existing programs and efforts that aim to restore or protect the health of the Winnebago Lakes. This includes facilitating communication among stakeholders (including residents and lake users) and multiple agencies to advance collaborative regional efforts that address topics such as: water quality, habitat, fisheries, recreation, public health, and aquatic invasive species. We strive to foster positive, long-term relationships with a variety of stakeholders to develop consistent and realistic lake management practices and procedures that benefit lake health and the local economy.

We are looking for conservation professionals interested in helping with the Lake Management Planning effort.

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Technical Teams are being formed for each major Lake Management Planning (LMP) topic, including: aquatic plant management; aquatic invasive species; fisheries, wildlife, and habitat; water quality; watershed management; lake use, access, and navigation; and shoreland management.  

Technical teams are small groups of conservation professionals or highly active individuals and organizations that work in the Winnebago System on lake issues. Estimated time commitment for serving as a technical team member is approximately 15 – 18 hours over the next 6-9 months with additional opportunities anticipated for 2018.

Interested in becoming a Lake Management Planning Technical Team Member?
Email Korin Doering at or call (920)851-0948

The project structure shown here provides a framework for the lake management planning process. While the basic structure of the framework will remain consistent throughout the project, Technical Teams and Focus Groups may change as new priorities or topics are realized. The framework was constructed in this way to accommodate the often dynamic process of developing a lake management plan for a large water body system.

Technical Teams are small groups of conservation professionals or highly active individuals and organizations that work in the System on lake issues. Technical Team leaders (one from each Team) serve as voting members on the Steering Committee. Interested in becoming a technical team members? Email Korin Doering at or call (920)851-0948

Focus Groups are larger groups of stakeholders including members of the public, lake users, property owners, drinking water customers, and other concerned individuals and organizations. Technical teams are part of the Focus Groups. Technical Team members share information back and forth between the Focus Groups and Steering Committee. Focus groups will be formed during upcoming Lake Management Planning Public Meetings.

Steering Team Membership: Voting membership is limited to total of 15 people. The Steering Committee will vote to choose the three members at large. More than half of the voting Steering Committee members need to be present to vote on a topic. Non-voting members serve as advisors to the Steering Committee.

County Oversight Committee: County representatives on the Steering Committee report to the County Oversight Committee. County representatives are also responsible for providing updates to the Steering Committee from the County Oversight Committee.

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