Volunteers Needed for Aesthetics Monitoring!

We’re looking for volunteers to help with Aesthetics Monitoring in the Green Bay area. Aesthetics Monitoring is the perfect volunteer opportunity as it is something that people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests can do—plus it brings us out to our local waterways! It’s also perfect for the person with a busy schedule as you can monitor locations when it’s convenient for YOU. We’re looking for volunteers to take part in this program starting today! The Aesthetics Monitoring program is a collaboration between the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance and the Wisconsin DNR.  Volunteers are asked to report on the appearance of sites located throughout the Lower Fox River Basin using the double-sided questionnaire (paper form) or online form as this will help the DNR understand the public’s current thoughts on the appearance of these local waters. You can monitor a site just using your phone or tablet!

There are 12 total sites in the area that can be monitored, but it’s not required that volunteers travel to all of them. However many different sites you can monitor is appreciated.
Sites include:
1. Wieter Wharft
2. Metro Boat Launch
3. Communiversity Park
4. Bay Beach
5. Riverview Place Park
6. Leicht Memorial Park
7.  Porlier Pier
8. West Lazzare Avenue
9. Regatta 220
10. Fox Point Boat Launch
11. Brown County Fairgrounds
12. Voyager Park

Below, you will find the link for the Aesthetics Monitoring waiver and online survey form. There is also additional information including instructions that describe how the monitoring process works, safety measures, site maps, and how to turn in the completed data sheet. All volunteers age 18+ must fill out the online waiver form. Minors must have a parent or guardian fill out the form.

For more information on this volunteer program, please click HERE.


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