Lake Management Planning Technical Teams – status report as of 8/10/17

AIS/APM Technical Team

8/1/2017 Meeting Takeaways:

  • The Team will develop a plan to conduct full point-intercept surveys on all four Winnebago Lakes
  • The Team will collect existing information and data to add to the project document inventory
  • Based on common themes pulled from previously collected public comments, the public seems to be divided on their opinions about AIS issues and related solutions. AIS messaging should be consistent, communicate risk reduction instead of using scar tactics, explain the need for both prevention and containment, and educate people about both good and bad plants and animals.

Habitat, Fish, & Wildlife Technical Team

8/9/2017 Meeting takeaway:

  1. Water levels is a topic that keeps popping up which is understandable given the impact water levels have on multiple management issues. The Technical Team proposes we invite the ACOE to present in a public format on how water levels are managed in the system (2 presentations, North/South, possibly in conjunction with October meetings).
  2. Aerial photographs from 1937, 1941, 1991, and 2016 of the Winnebago Lakes will be used to assess the change in vegetation over time which will be helpful when selecting target areas for restoration, protection, or enhancement of habitat.
  3. Build it and they will come – Increase quantity and quality of habitat throughout the Winnebago Lakes.
  4. Upland/upstream erosion has severe consequences for the Winnebago Lakes. Although the Habitat, Fish, & Wildlife Technical Team will be focused on in-lake and shoreland areas, recommendations for upland projects may be suggested to help ensure long-term success of in-lake habitat restoration, protection, and enhancement efforts.

Recreational Lake Use, Access, & Navigation Technical Team

5/31/2017 Meeting Takeaways:

  • Three big goals:
    1. Increase tourism
    2. Increase local use of waterways
    3. Improve safety and navigation
  • Objectives will be broken down by target audience
  • Allison Gleisner volunteered to serve as the Technical Team Leader

Water Quality Technical Team

First meeting is scheduled for the end of Septmeber


Note: Watershed Management, Shoreline Practices, and Outreach & Education Technical Teams will begin forming in later September/early October.

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