Lake Management Planning – Technical Teams September Update

Lake Management Planning Technical Teams – status report as of 9/29/17

Water Quality Technical Team:

  • Held first Team meeting in September
  • Collecting existing information and data to add to the project document inventory
  • Working to answer the following questions:
    • How does the system function?
    • Where is water quality at in each of the four lakes?
    • How do we monitor in the future to assess progress?
    • How do we document changes in water quality over time?
    • What are the goals for water quality improvement?
    • What would it take to delist the lakes from the EPA 303d impaired list?
    • What are our limitations or barrier to reaching those goals?
    • What are all of the management options to help reduce internal loading of nutrients and sediment?
  • Next meeting will likely be held in late October or early November

Aquatic invasive species/Aquatic plant management Technical Team:

  • Working to develop a plan to conduct full point-intercept surveys on all four Winnebago Lakes
    • Currently drafting sampling grids for different sampling scenarios
    • Plans to review different scenarios and choose the best option as a team based on number of sampling points, depth, light, and other factors
    • Will request estimates from consultants once sampling grid is chosen
  • Collecting existing information and data to add to the project document inventory
  • Will begin drafting grant application to help fund PI survey project
  • Next meeting will likely be held at the beginning of October

Habitat, Fish & Wildlife Team:

  • Organized informational presentations for the public about water level management
    • CLICK HERE for details on October presentations by the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Will assess lakes based on available data to identify potential areas for habitat restoration and improvement
    • Collecting aerial images to help assess aquatic vegetation change in the upper pool lakes over time
    • Collecting other GIS data (bathymetry, breaklines, shoreline assessments)
  • Next meeting will likely be held in middle or end of October

Recreational Lake Use, Access, & Navigation Team

  • Working to develop recommendations to improve lake access for a variety of user groups
  • Collecting information about navigation concerns
    • For example: locations, management, and maintenance of navigation markers
  • Will begin to form Focus Group for assistance with recommendations
  • Next meeting will likely be held in November
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