Nearly 1,000 Students Engaged at Conservation Field Days!

For the 7th year in a row, the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance has participated in Outagamie County’s Conservation Field Days, an event the County has coordinated for the past 53 years!

Nine hundred and three students from schools in Appleton, Black Creek, New London, Seymour, and Shiocton participated in the event held September 19th through the 21st.

The event was held on a beautiful farm on the county’s west side, and features nine stations, including, Woods, Recycling, Pond and Wildlife, Food Production, Gardens/Composts, Soils, Conservation Jeopardy, Quarry, and Water. FWWA hosted the Water Station and educated 5th and 6th grade students on the Fox-Wolf River Basin, how water moves throughout our watersheds, and discussed pollutants that get carried by stormwater into our lakes and rivers. After learning about our water resources, the students “became raindrops” in the Runoff Races game that showed how water moves across different landscapes, and how fewer pollutants are able to enter our lakes and rivers when water is able to slow down and soak into the ground.


Outreach & Education

Spreading Watershed Awareness!


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