Plum & Konkapot Creek Project Sign – Coming Soon!

The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance is proud to announce that a new sign, highlighting the agricultural conservation efforts of our Great Lakes Restoration Initiative partners, will be placed in the City of Kaukauna in the very near future.

FWWA staff have been meticulously creating the sign design over the past few months and recently sent the final version to be printed.

The purpose of our sign is to bring awareness to the agricultural conservation efforts that are happening in the Plum & Konkapot Creek watersheds.  The sign explains how excess sediment and nutrients cause water quality issues, identifies many of the potential sources of pollution and shows what agricultural producers are doing to help solve our water quality issues.

If you happen to be out and about in the City of Kaukauna, you’ll be able to find our sign next to the city owned walking trail along Konkapot Creek.  Stop by, take a look and then check out our website to learn more about this project, and many more that the FWWA is working on to meet our water quality goals.


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