Winnebago Waterways Steering Committee seeks applicants for members-at-large positions

The Winnebago Waterways Steering Committee is seeking applicants to fill three vacant members-at-large positions.

PURPOSE:  County representatives, area non-profits, and community members work together on the Steering Committee to set the strategic direction for project initiatives and to ensure progress in efforts such as lake management planning in the Winnebago System. Members-at-large will participate in this leadership structure of the Winnebago Waterways Program for the duration of the Lake Management Planning project.

Application Deadline: 11:59pm on January 24th, 2018

ELIGIBILITY:  Anyone interested in serving on the Committee is welcome to apply. Candidates should display leadership and interest in improving and protecting the overall health and well-being of the Winnebago Lakes. Interested candidates should fill out and submit the attached application. Membership applications will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Regular attendance at Steering Committee meetings is expected of all members. There are 12 two-hour in-person committee meetings and 12 one-hour conference calls scheduled per year (one of each per month). In addition, there may be voluntary ad hoc and subcommittee work as well as project related events. Regularly scheduled meetings are normally held during work hours on Fridays. Some special accommodations may be available.


  • Possess the desire to maintain and enhance the waters and land surrounding the Winnebago System, now and for future generations.
  • Take a holistic and realistic approach to addressing problems in the Winnebago System by considering ecological, aesthetic, economic, and social aspects of issues and potential solutions.
  • Respond to all questions and/or inquiries from personnel working to advance projects whether by phone, via e-mail, or in writing in a timely manner;
  • Work with and provide assistance to personnel working to advance projects as needed in a timely and efficient manner;
  • Participate in project related events;
  • Help to advance projects by contributing personal knowledge and experience;
  • Share information with peers who are not on the Steering Committee and gather ideas, comments and opinions from them to inform the work of the Committee;
  • Promote Steering Committee initiatives, projects, and events to the broader community.

Member-at-large Application:

Member application

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Lake Planning Project Website

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All members of the Steering Committee must be committed to working with diverse partners. To effectively provide input and leadership, Steering Committee members should be familiar with the waterways within the Winnebago System. Most communications and documents are shared electronically. Familiarity with and regular access to the internet is essential to be successful as a Steering Committee member.

TERM: Members-at-large will serve on the Steering Committee through the end of 2018 or until the Winnebago Waterways Committee approves a final version of the Winnebago Waterways Lake Management Plan. Once a Lake Management Plan is approved by the Winnebago Waterways Committee, the make-up of the Steering Committee will be reassessed in order to ensure the Steering Committee meets the evolving needs of the project.

COMMITTEE COMPOSITION:  The Steering Committee is designed to bring together diverse stakeholders who work in a shared leadership setting. The Committee consists of nine voting* members and several non-voting, advisory members. Voting members include one representative from each of the following organizations in addition to three members-at-large:

  • Winnebago County
  • Calumet County
  • Fond du Lac County
  • Waushara County
  • Outagamie County (currently vacant)
  • Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

Non-voting, advisory members include, but are not limited to, representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Extension as well as representatives from project Technical Teams. * Voting on the Steering Committee refers to reaching a group consensus.

SELECTION:  Interested parties will submit the attached application. Applicants for Steering Committee Members-At-Large positions will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee with specific attention to diverse stakeholder voices and lake management planning project needs.

MEMBER EXPECTATIONS: Steering Committee members are expected to be active participants in the Winnebago Waterways Program, including regular attendance at Steering Committee meetings and related events.  If a member is unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities – including but not limited to regular attendance at meetings – he/she is subject to removal by a 2/3 vote of Committee Members. Please note – members-at-large are volunteer positions.

Questions or suggestions? Please contact Korin Doering, Winnebago Waterways Program Coordinator at (920) 851-0948 or

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