Lake Management Planning – Focus Group Sign-up Form

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Aquatic invasive speciesAquatic plant managementShoreline practicesWater qualityWatershed managementHabitat, Fisheries, and WildlifeRecreational lake use, access, and navigationOutreach and Education

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BoaterBoat anglerShoreline anglerShoreline property ownerArea business ownerEducatorResearcherConservation professionalElected officialConcerned citizenOther

Focus Groups are groups of concerned members of the public and organizations (stakeholders) for each management topic. Technical teams help to facilitate Focus Groups and serve as a communication link between the Focus Groups and Steering Committee.

Focus Group Objectives:

  • Identify and recommend major lake concerns/issues
  • Help to ensure all relevant interests are adequately represented
  • Help with community education/outreach
  • Provide input to help establish and clarify project goals
  • Assist with collection of data/information
  • Help develop evaluation criteria for reviewing management options
  • Provide input to help prioritize and select best management action recommendations

Lake Management Planning Project Structure