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Corporate Giving Policy

Policy Guidelines for Accepting Corporate Support

Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance may accept grants and gifts from businesses and/or corporate foundations when:

  • The business entity offers “general unrestricted support” for Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance and has a clear understanding and support of the basic goals of Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance.
  • The business entity offers restricted project grant money for a project that clearly furthers Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance’s adopted core goals.
  • A contribution in no way limits or puts unspoken expectation on actions Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance may take on policies Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance may advocate.
  • Accepting a gift does not hinder Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance’s ability to comment on a particular legislative bill or policy position.
  • Contributions representing more than 10 percent of Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance’s annual budget, or a contribution to fund more than 50 percent of a project, or endorsements of a business donor’s product or environmental policies or practices, must be approved by Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance’s board of directors.
  • All information and/or research gathered from a corporate donor’s support remains part of the public domain.
  • Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance believes that private sector support is vital to an overall strategy to protect, conserve and maintain its agenda as a basinwide watershed alliance.

Policy adopted by the Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance Board of Directors on May 23, 2001