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The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance works to protect and restore water resources in the Fox-Wolf River Basin.

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Lower Fox River Watershed Recovery

The Plum Creek and Kankapot Creek watersheds tucked in the southeast portion of the Lower Fox River Watershed cover 39,205 acres and have been identified as two of the highest loading phosphorus and sediment watersheds per cropland acre in the Lower Fox River Watershed.  In 2015, the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance was awarded a $4.2 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant from US EPA to begin implementation of a watershed recovery effort for the Lower Fox River beginning in the Plum and Kankapot Creeks.

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Plum Kankapot Watersheds Project Area

Winnebago Waterways Program

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Fox P Trade is a water quality trading program in the Lower Fox Watershed in North East Wisconsin. It gives agriculture producers resources to install conservation practices and provides alternative compliance options for waste water permit holders.

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