FWWA Teaches Environmental Lessons at Appleton Summer Camp

For the past six years, Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance has partnered with the City of Appleton to offer watershed lessons weekly as part of the City’s annual Summer Camp. Tuesday, June 13th was the first lesson of 2017. The campers learned about the Fox-Wolf Basin and pollution issues caused by stormwater runoff.  The kids worked together and cleaned up the park. They had fun traveling to different areas of the park and finding garbage to fill their bags. Afterwards, the campers each took a turn spinning the wheel of pollution to select a type of pollution that would pollute a large container of clean water. By the time each camper was done, the water was full of leaves, grass, garbage, dirt, cholorine, oil, soap, and other pollutants. The experiement showed them real pollutants that make their way into our lakes and streams from stormwater running off of the landscape and carried by storm drains.

 We look forward to working with the campers on new lessons this summer!


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