Corn Cultivator + AirSeeder = Cover Crop Jumpstart

To build on successes with air seeding cover crops while making a fall tillage pass, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) partnered with Outagamie and Brown Counties to mount the air seeder on a 12-row corn cultivator to find a way to get an early start on growing cover crops in corn silage.  The video below shows how the seed is blown onto the area between the corn rows and how the cultivator tills in the seed. 

The concept proves the ability to get a jumpstart on cover crops at a time when a farmer is already making a pass through the corn for either applying Nitrogen, spraying for weeds or cultivating the corn.  Both the air seeder box and cultivator toolbar are available to farmers for use. 

If interested in learning more, please contact Andy Kiefer, Outagamie County (920) 574-7539.

Check out the Video above!!!

Submitted by Jeremy Freund, Outagamie County Land Conservation Department.


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