Counties Commit to Work Together to Protect the Winnebago Waterways

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 was a monumental day for all interested in protecting and restoring the Winnebago System!

Representatives (pictured above) from Calumet County, Fond du Lac County and Winnebago County joined for a meeting at the Fond du Lac City County Government Center and signed an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement relating to the Winnebago Waterways Committee.

The agreement formalizes the counties commitment to work together to support and promote beautification, restoration, promotion and general upkeep of the waters that comprise the lakes of the Winnebago Waterways, commonly defined as Lake Winnebago and the associated pool lakes of Poygan, Butte des Morts and Winneconne as well as the watershed tributaries within the five-county area including Calumet, Fond du Lac, Outagamie, Waushara and Winnebago Counties.

A Winnebago Waterways Committee, comprised of the County Executive or County Administrator of each County, the chair of the County Board from each County and the chair of each County Board’s Land and Water Conservation Committee, was created under the agreement to oversee and administer the agreement and the funds designated annual by each county that will advance the workplan set by the committee. The first action of the newly formed committee was to approve and sign the agreement with the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance to continue to advance Lake Management Planning efforts on behalf of the committee.

The commitment of the Counties to protect and restore the Winnebago System is truly something to celebrate!

The Winnebago Waterways are an invaluable resource.  It is the long term commitment from stakeholders at all levels, development of strategic partnerships, like the Winnebago Waterways Committee and the investment of resources that will ensure that the Lake Management Plan currently under development will move forward into implementation. The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance sincerely thanks all those involved in ensuring that the lakes are preserved for future generations!


Pictured above: Members of the newly formed Winnebago Waterway Committee
From left to right: Alice Connors (Calumet County Supervisor), Al Buechel – Committee Chair (Fond du Lac County Executive), Dale Theel (Fond du Lac County Land Conservation Committee Chair), Todd Romenesko – Committee Secretary (Calumet County Administrator),  Martin F. Farrell (Fond du Lac County Board Chair), Steven Binder (Winnebago County Land Conservation Committee, sitting in for Committee Chair Chuck Farrey), Mark Harris – Committee Vice Chair (Winnebago County Executive), Merlin Gentz (Calumet County Board Vice Chair) Not pictured: Chuck Farrey (Winnebago County Land Conservation Committee Chair), David Albrecht (Winnebago County Board Chair)


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