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There’s an incredible team of talented high school students in a open concept office located near downtown Appleton who offer a variety of services to organizations in the region. Three of their team members recently helped us at Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance by brainstorming ideas and offering unique insights into effective branding strategies for our new Winnebago Waterways Program. The high school students are looking for more projects. If your organization is looking for help with outreach, campaign, or marketing strategies, contact the team at the information provided below.

About the Team:

The Willems Student Marketing Team meets every weekday in downtown Appleton to focus on projects benefiting local businesses. Willems provides high school seniors from Appleton North and Appleton West with an opportunity to blend their academic knowledge with real-world project engagement, power of youthful thinking and creative expertise to community professionals in order to receive a unique practical and educational experience related to business, marketing, entrepreneurial and non-profit career pursuits. The services they provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Event planning development
  • Social Media Platform Design
  • Video production
  • Photography students with solid experience and creativity
  • Direct mail advertising development
  • Promotional material development
  • Interior design strategies
  • Inventory management strategies
  • Marketing research study services: development of primary data and capability to conduct secondary data
  • Graphic design services
  • Small business start up expertise

It is the belief of the Willems Student Marketing Team members that the services provided are top tier, and the unique characteristic of youthful thinking puts a more modern and original quality to these services. For any questions regarding Willems Marketing, feel free to visit our webpage or contact us via email at

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Team description provided by: Calum Fraser, Willems Student Marketing Team Member

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